Inigo Pascall

Web Architecture Digital Media


  • Responsive websites & web apps

    Modern, responsive, standards-compliant websites with user-friendly content-management
  • Hybrid / progressive web apps

    Progressive web apps and Nativescript hybrid smartphone apps
  • E-commerce & payments

    E-commerce systems, payment gateways, membership and subscription handling
  • CRM & marketing

    Customer relations management, email & SMS marketing
  • Web hooks & APIs

    Consumption and creation of ad-hoc web-hooks & APIs
  • Data import / export

    Data import & export: Google Spreadsheets / JSON / SQL
  • SEO & analytics

    Search engine optimisation, adwords and analytics management
  • AWS & cloud storage systems

    Cloud file systems and storage including AWS


  • UI kits and themes

    UI kits and website theme development with advanced CSS3 animations and optimised asset pipelines
  • Graphic design

    Graphic design and web asset development centred on Adobe Creative Suite
  • Branding & marketing

    Branding & marketing, including corporate brochures, logos, banners, and typesetting
  • Commercial photography and image editing

    Commercial photography, image manipulation, and video editing

Front-end web development

I have 15 years' experience working with the major front-end web development technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript; combining them with the best practices in standards and UX Design to produce responsive websites that are mobile-friendly and suitable across all screens, from desktops to smartphones.


Static websites only go so far, with an increasing need for direct customer interaction. I've been contracted to build custom booking systems, calendars, registration handling, newsletter sign-ups, bespoke CRM systems, subscription handling, and custom e-commerce systems integrated with all the common payment gateways including Stripe, Mollie, and Paypal.

Custom app

Coupling the full power of Laravel & Eloquent with modern client-side SPA frameworks such as Angular and Vue, I've been the lead developer in a number of successful cloud apps ranging from localised micro mapping systems, digital archiving, bespoke CRM systems, and private video subscription services. I have a wealth of knowledge ready to bring your projects to life— and to market.


Careful use of branding, graphic design, commercial photography, and other media including audio and video, are often an integral part of the package. As well as creating much of this material myself, I also collaborate with trusted designers to develop your brand, while integrating and optimising all such media for its intended digital application as a standard part of the workflow.

You can see examples of web development work on my agency site.