Inigo Pascall

Web Architecture Digital Media


I'm a full-stack web developer with 15 years’ experience. I take a great deal of care and pride in creating hand-crafted & highly-optimised dynamic & responsive websites and web-apps.

Fun fact: The entire website you are currently browsing weighs in at about 200kb; roughly the size of this image. It's quite snappy, isn't it?

Niche requests are welcome. Ask me about a project; you'll seldom get a ‘computer says no’ answer out of me.

I've been heavily involved in full-stack web development from the early days of jQuery through to the birth of modern SPA frameworks such as Angular and Vue. Web tech is a fast-moving industry and I'm a keen believer in keeping abreast of the latest technological trends; what may have been the best way to accomplish a given task in 2017 is not necessarily the case in 2021. I make it a priority— more of an obsession, actually— to regularly acquire new knowledge for its own sake.

From 2015 onwards I've been the lead developer in a number of fully-fledged cloud apps ranging from custom localised mapping, digital archiving, CRM systems, and private video subscription services.

More recently I've developed the customer sign-up portal for Bargain Booze; worked as part of Airship's development team on their Toggle project; and as the lead developer on the successful training app for Roger Frampton.

Have a project in mind? let's talk.